Towing Equipment Near Me Tolleson AZ

Should you be interested in purchasing a gooseneck trailer there are several revolutionary towing equipment available which improve the longevity of the trailer, truck, and also to protect your commodities. Gooseneck trailers are popular with tow pickup trucks and hence a variety of pickup truck gooseneck hitches.

Probably the best of these hitches is the type that is secured to the vehicle’s axle thus leaving only the ball exposed on the truck’s bed. In some systems the ball is detachable or foldable well clear of the bed’s surface. The detachable model is preferred by the masses – you just flip it inside its socket and its surface will be flush with that of the bed. semi towing west unity oh

The air cushion gooseneck hitch is an advanced type of towing equipment. Anyone with experience towing gooseneck trailers will tell you of the metal fatigue/stress the trailer is accustomed to in rough terrain or roads. As gooseneck trailers are normally meant for ferrying animals, the up and down motions of rough roads causes stress on the animals as well as the driver who always has to be extra wary while towing the trailer. This can however be solved by using a shock absorbing technique where an air cushion sits between the gooseneck ball and the truck’s bed hence absorbing the different motions caused by the unfairness of the road surface.

Further on you can discover another type of towing equipment that lets you haul a fifth wheeler using a gooseneck ball. This is made possible using a coupler and this is just an adapter that fits to the kingpin or ball of the fifth wheeler by means of horseshoe clamps and a couple of set screws. The other end of the coupler then links with your truck’s ball. This fixture is semi permanent hence there is no welding or drilling involved in its application. The fixture also needs some precautions in that you need to regularly inspect the coupler to ensure it is securely attached to the kingpin, smooth driving to prevent jerky motion, and ensuring that the trailer brakes are regularly checked.

The last type of towing equipment is the safety chain which is used to secure the trailer to the truck should the ball or hitch be severed during motion. Gooseneck safety chains are available in two forms – one works with u-bolts and the second is attachable to the gooseneck ball. The latter applies where the ball is reversible. Particularly for the gooseneck hitch mentioned previously, the chains come with hooks made of heat-treated (hardened) steel for extra strength.